Areas of Focus

Ms. Elliott’s primary area of practice is in the state and federal appellate courts. Ms. Elliott has written hundreds of appellate briefs in the State and Federal courts. In Washington, a person convicted of a crime ordinarily must file a notice of appeal within 30 days of sentencing. If a defendant is convicted and sentenced in Washington he or she has a state constitutional right to appeal. Defendants should not surrender this right without first consulting with an experienced criminal appellate defender like Ms. Elliott.

Ms. Elliott also represents criminal defendants challenging their convictions in a collateral attack, usually in the form of a personal restraint petition (PRP). A PRP is similar to what other jurisdictions call a “writ” or, more formally, a writ of habeas corpus. She also has written successful motions for new trial in the Superior Court. Ms. Elliott frequently consults with trial counsel before and during trial to ensure that comprehensive briefing is filed in the trial court in order to fully preserve issues for appeal.