Cases of Note

  • Woods v. Sinclair, 655 F.3d 886 (9th Cir. 2011) cert. granted, judgment vacated sub nom. Woods v. Holbrook, 132 S. Ct. 1819, 182 L. Ed. 2d 612 (U.S. 2012): In this capital case, the United States Supreme Court granted Woods petition for certiorari, reversed and remanded to the Ninth Circuit so that the Circuit Court could reconsider its decision in light of new Supreme Court rulings.
  • Ocampo v. Vail, 649 F. 3rd 1098 (9th Cir. 2012): Murder conviction reversed after the Circuit Court found that the detectives’ testimony concerning declarant’s out-of-court statements, confirming defendant’s presence at the scene and that defendant was the shooter, constituted the introduction of testimonial statements against defendant in violation of Confrontation Clause.
  • State v. Werner, 170 Wash. 2nd 333 (2010): Werner was accosted by a man and his seven unrestrained dogs. The Supreme Court overturned the trial court and held Werner was entitled to argue that a reasonable person could have believed the victim and his dogs posed a formidable threat of injury to him. Thus, he was entitled to jury instructions on his claim of self-defense.
  • Supreme Court, Uttecht v. Brown:
    –  Transcript and audio of Suzanne’s oral argument in the Supreme Court
    –  Suzanne’s brief in the Supreme Court
  • Suzanne filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in State v. Riofta, 209 P.3d 467(2009) (whether the court should permit liberal post-conviction DNA testing in the broadest number of cases).
  • In the Matter of Personal Restraint of Joshua Dean Scott, 202 P.3d 985 (2009).
  • In the Matter of the Personal Restraint of Christopher Delgado, 204 P.3d 936 (2009).
  • State v. Howell: Obtained order for new trial, June 2010, King County Superior Court.
  • State v. Nguyen: Obtained order for new trial, July 2010, King County Superior Court.
  • State v. Schierman: Appointed under SPRE 2 to represent defendant on his appeal of his death sentence in the Washington State Supreme Court.